Class Description

Music Classes in Cork for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers!


Mixed-Age Music Classes 

Each week in Music Together® Mixed-Age Classes at Wriggletto, babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and the grown-ups who love them gather for 45 minutes of fun-filled family music time. Mairéad will lead you and the other families in music activities ranging from lullabies to full-on instrumental sessions (with child-friendly instruments, of course!). It’s so much fun you won’t realize how much learning is taking place!

You’ll take home the award-winning music used in class, along with an illustrated songbook and other resources. As you discover new ways to play with music all week long, you’ll be supporting your child’s music-learning and overall development---even if you don’t think of yourself as a great singer or dancer.

Why mixed ages?

Child development researchers discovered that grouping children of different ages in one class encourages natural, family-style learning, so Music Together developed the Mixed-Age Music Class. In this class, everyone participates at their own levels: babies vocalize, listen, and observe; toddlers play and experiment; and preschoolers build confidence as they emerge as classroom leaders. Grown-ups are happy because everyone can come to class together!

"Wriggletto is a very well organised class which is divided into small and manageable chunks for the children. There's a good balance of movement, singing and using instruments within the class. It is very enjoyable for children to have the opportunity to experiment with making music - the CD has become an integral part of our home life!" Sinéad C.

For all age categories, you are welcome to join us for a free trial class prior to the start of our upcoming term, when offered. Please use our online Demo Scheduler or contact us and we can help you arrange your visit. 


Music Classes for Babies 

Chances are, you’ve seen a glimpse of the music-maker inside your new little one, as he coos and wiggles when you sing a nursery rhyme or starts moving when you put on your favorite song. At birth, infants are already alert to musical sounds and naturally responsive to volume, movement, tempo, and melody.

Read more about babies and music on the Music Together Worldwide Blog.

At Wriggletto, we’ve created a warm environment that supports your baby’s natural musicality—and her overall development. In our music classes, you’ll learn lots of ways to interact musically with your infant. And as you sing, laugh, and learn together, you’ll bond with your child and the other new parents in your class. Watch your baby’s eyes light up during one of our family classes in Cork!


Music Classes for Toddlers

Toddlers are curious little people. They’re starting to explore the world and themselves and learning more about communicating with their grown-ups and peers. Music can help your toddler better understand all of these brand new experiences by giving her a valuable tool for relaxing, focusing, and expressing emotions.

At a Wriggletto class, your toddler’s growing music skills are supported and challenged in a playful environment. Plus, making music enhances his language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Bring your toddler to explore music in one of Wriggletto's family classes!


Music Classes for Pre-Schoolers 

Preschoolers are overflowing with creativity, and making music with them is so much fun. When picking activities for your 3- or 4-year-old, a music class is a great choice. Regular exposure to a musically rich environment fosters your child's music skills as well as growth and development in many other areas essential to success in school and life.

A Wriggletto class is the perfect place for pre-schoolers to imagine, improvise, express their creativity, and relate to others through music. Witness the true magic of making music with your pre-schooler at one of our music classes!



Mixed Age Class (newborn to age 5)

Classes are for 45 minutes once weekly for term length.