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Wriggletto is definitely our favourite mammy/baby activity. The class is so much fun every week with singing, dancing and playing instruments. The class teaches us many ways to use music at home for fun, learning and soothing baby! We love it!!

Aoife K

Wriggletto is a very well organised class which is divided into small and manageable chunks for the children. There is a good balance of movement, singing and using instruments within the class. It is very enjoyable for children to have the opportunity to experiment with making music and the CD has become an integral part of our home life!

Sinéad C.

Wriggletto is highly enjoyable for both parent and child. It is a highlight in our week and a chance for me and my child to spend quality time together doing something fun and creative in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere with a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher.

Joy B.

I loved Wriggletto as much as my children and what we have learned from attending classes has totally enhanced our family life. Mairéad is amazingly enthusiastic and every class is so different and really good fun, she is wonderful with the kids and parents alike, and her love of music is infectious! I have taken my children to a couple of other music classes in the past 3 to 4 years and Wriggletto is by far the best! It is much more professional, fun and it involves the whole family, including an older sibling who loves to learn the songs at home after school. It's been a brilliant experience overall, we have learned so many new songs  and my children sing far more now on their own, have more confidence in themselves and they love making up songs with their older sister (aged 5) who has also benefitted greatly from our experience. 


Chris M.

Wriggletto is so much fun and we look forward to it every week!  It’s amazing watching my little baby daughter get so much from the class.  We’ve completed two terms and while the class music is a firm favourite, she really enjoys all types of music now.  All the smallies in the class love the energy Mairead brings and it’s lovely for all the children of every age to watch and learn from each other. 


Imelda O'C

I found Wriggletto classes to be a great learning experience. I was always interested in getting my children to be musical and to enjoy music. Wriggletto gave me a structured setting in which to do this and equipped my children and me with tools to use at home to continue the musical experiences. Mairéad managed to provide a relaxed yet controlled setting in our classes and encouraged participation from both children and parents.

Mary C.

I was thinking today about how great Wriggletto is - I am a Suzuki violin teacher and have a 3.5 year old beginner who has had no rhythmical foundation, so playing Twinkle Twinkle rhythms are proving quite complex and challenging. The child has never explored beats or patterns with shakers or sticks so we are starting from scratch. I think I take for granted how good Wriggletto is for teaching these basic skills, which are the foundation of music learning.

Capella S.

We loved Wriggletto - it was the highlight of our week! What a fantastic experience for us all (mum toddler and baby). It was so satisfying to see how the children progressed in their appreciation of and movement to music over the term. It was fun as well as educational. The sessions were fantastic for their content alone, however, Mairéad's skilful facilitation, genuine passion and ability to take all children and adults from where they are at, made the experience particularly positive. We loved the exposure to varied music styles, rhythms etc (not the typical nursery rhyme approach) along with the fun and community approach. Meeting like-minded parents was a bonus. There was enough stimulation to interest both children and parents. Overall a very worthwhile experience!

Caitríona H.

Wriggletto has been a wonderful experience for my little boy and for me too. The class is like the pond and the ripples go on and on - in the kitchen with the whole family, in the car, just about everywhere! Mairéad, thank you for providing such a wonderful facility. We have lovely memories.

Mary G.

I found Wriggletto classes excellent. I am a new mum and I went from not knowing any songs to singing to my baby every day. She loves it and I would never have realized the joy that a baby could get out of her parent singing. The songs are easy to learn and great for distracting the baby. She is constantly smiling when we sing to her.

Imelda W.

We recently took our daughter on her six-month visit to her paediatrician. He was most impressed with her voice tones, eye contact and hand coordination, especially as she is an only child. When we told him that we take her to Wriggletto classes, he agreed that they are beneficial to her development and he could see that her development was ahead of expectation for a six month old as a result! We love how our daughter watches Mairéad's every move in class and now when I sing to her at home it calms her when she is sad and makes her happy and excited when she's alert!

Helen S.

My Wriggletto experience is one of happiness and joy! I speak for my son too! The music really does promote happiness and there is something very comforting and soothing about the songs. When I would drive past the building on any given day, my son says excitedly, "Dancing!!". As a 2 and a half year old, he really loves the dancing aspect and also loves the instruments. Mairéad eats, sleeps and breathes Wriggletto and it shows!!! She is a very effective teacher and has great enthusiasm which rubs off on us all.  


Aoife M

Coming to Wriggletto has really benefitted Amy (she started to attend at 4 months of age). She now reacts much more to any kind of music. It has given me another way to interact with her - singing the "Hello Song" works wonders and calms her down in any situation, whether sung by myself or her grandmother!

Claire McC.

Since we started with Wriggletto, I don't think there has been a day we haven't listened to the CDs, sang a song while the kids take a bath or when going for a walk, for bed time, or even in the shop. Whenever I try to listen to the radio in the car my 2 year old will shout from the back "Turn on Hello Everybody" so much so that even when I drive without him I tend to forget it's on and sing along anyway! Our days start and end with a Wriggletto song.

Sarah T.

Mairéad oozes music in every way and communicates her knowledge and love of music at all times. Classes are always well prepared and as a result appear to move from one song to the next effortlessly - this doesn't just happen!

Caroline C

As always, Mairéad is a marvel with the children and her enthusiasm for teaching is infectious. My son is 20 months old and has been coming since he was 9 months. He screeches with excitement when we arrive and this is definitely down to Mairéad's interaction with him. He watches her constantly throughout and once at home he repeats many of the actions displayed during class. Keep up the great work Mairead and thank you!

Angela T.

We really enjoyed our first term at Wriggletto. Not only am I delighted to be introducing my daughter to music at such a young age, I seem to have discovered my own voice again which seemed to have vanished over the last 10 years!!

Ciara C.

Although it has been almost two years since we attended Wriggletto, my daughter C. adores all our Wriggletto CDs. She is 2 and a half now. I regret that I work full time and I can't attend your classes any more with her. She loves music and dancing. She knows a lot of the songs of songs by heart. She absolutely adores "Two little blackbirds" and usually sings all the way from home to creche and creche home (no more listening to the radio in the car for me!). Her older brother D. (who also attended Wriggletto classes) sings a lot to himself when he thinks nobody listens and very quickly learned to play many melodies on his keyboard".

Renata P.

I had never heard David singing to the extent that he does now, he sings so much since we started the classes. David has taught his older sister all the songs and actions. Being involved in Wriggletto has been a very positive experience for the whole family.

Sharon O'K.

Mairead is an excellent teacher and works very hard to ensure all children participate and are engaged. She circulates and interacts with all children and is very encouraging with both parents and children.


Caroline M.