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Ardfallen Centre, Douglas, Cork

Nursery Drive,
Ballinlough, Cork

The Ardfallen Centre/Methodist Church is adjacent to The Briar bar and Ardfallen Shopping Mall on Douglas Road. It is not directly accessible by car from the Douglas Road. 

To drive to the car park for the centre from the South Link Road (driving towards the tunnel from Kinsale Road roundabout), take the second Douglas exit, turn left and drive towards the city centre on the Douglas Road until the traffic lights at the Johnson & Perrott garage. Turn right onto Eglantine Park and take the first left, after Eglantine primary school. Continue on Ardfallen Estate road, take second left on to Beechwood/Somerton Road and second left again (at the playground), past the Gus Healy swimming pool (on your far right), to arrive at the swimming pool car park which is outside the walls of the Ardfallen Centre. Failing that, just follow the signposts for the Methodist Church/swimming pool once you turn after Eglantine primary school. 

Park at the swimming pool car park and walk through the rear gates of the Ardfallen Centre and follow the signs to your Wriggletto class. The Google Maps link below is to the swimming pool car park which is used by visitors to the Ardfallen Centre.

Pedestrian access from the Douglas Road is via the front gates and driveway of the Methodist Church/Ardfallen Centre. These are adjacent to the Iceland store and Ardfallen Pharmacy which are in the same space as the Briar pub and restaurant. The venue is serviced by the 207, 216, 220 and 223 buses. The bus stop number is 241401 or 241261. Often the gates are not open; if you are coming to class by foot please ensure you have Mairéad's mobile number so you can call it to gain access. 

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